What We Do

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Customer Experience

The simplest and easiest way to create brand loyalty and advocacy is to listen to your customers and act on what they care about. At Change & Ways, we'll work with you and your customers to design and deliver an exceptional and genuine experience that will create relationships for life.

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Employee Experience

We'll help you grow and nurture stronger bonds with your employees in order to turn ‘doing work’ into ‘loving work’. At Change & Ways, our focus is on understanding what your employees really think and care about, in order to design an employee experience that makes them smile every day and unleashes their full potential.

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Adapt to Needed Change

The world, technology, the economy, and even your people change; all the time. Change & Ways can help you not only adapt to, but successfully lead and manage your business through times of change. We'll work along side you, and your people, to reinvent, reshape, and reimagine how your business operates.

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Make a Difference

Many customers and employees support businesses that ‘give back’. And so, at Change & Ways, we'll help you link the purpose of your business to a way to ‘do good’; which will not only impact your business, but also the community you're a part of.

Why Work With Us?

As an external resource, we'll provide you with an independent, expert perspective and advice on your business situation, and the most effective options available. You can be assured that Change & Ways will always act in the best interest of your business, serving as a liaison to instil trust and confidence.

Changing your ways can be time-consuming, complex and stressful. If your business doesn't have the capacity required to strategise, manage multiple moving parts, workstreams and stakeholders, chances are you won't receive a successful outcome. Change & Ways will take care of the whole process for you, meaning you can focus on what you do best.

By working with Change & Ways, you'll avoid bloating your existing employee numbers. We'll make sure your business operations are lean and efficient, while ensuring you're able to react quickly to changes and developments in your projects, without any long-term financial commitments or consequences.

Our Approach

We are flexible in our methodology, but encourage a systematic people-focused approach that can move your organisation from the current to the envisioned state.

Here's what we can support you with:

  • Observing and engaging with your employees and customers, to obtain a thorough understanding of experiences, motivations, and what they truly care about.
  • Deep-diving into your business environment to better understand your organisation’s current state, its purpose, mission, values, and goals.
  • Analysing findings and defining a people-centred problem statement.
  • Identifying solutions, designing the desired state, and change strategy.
  • Testing and validating the proposed design, and adjusting where required.
  • Leading and managing the change process effectively, or even doing this for you.
  • Ensuring changes are embedded and approached as an ongoing process for continuous business improvement and growth.