We are driven by the desire to empower you.

As your Customer experience specialists, our philosophy is based on supporting others to make a difference in this world. 

To us, it's personal

We are committed to contributing to a kinder world.

As your Customer experience specialist, we pride ourselves in helping businesses that understand the value of connection, deliver great experiences for their Customers in such a way that it creates positive memories for them. We are excited to pass on our knowledge to someone who will use it to do good, and see it as our duty to guide you along your journey to make a positive impact in your community.

Our aim is to help you change your ways in a sustainable way. Our collaborative process is therefore focused on you and your needs. We will do everything we can to get to know you through our personal approach, so we can support you as best we can.

Our story so far

We are here to make an impact...

Change & Ways was founded by Meike Wise in 2020. Meike’s journey began with a passion for people and a natural talent for translating complexity into easy to understand language. As a young child, she discovered a love for making people feel good through making their lives easier for them. This calling would eventually shape her career and pave the way for her unique approach to Customer Service Delivery.

Throughout her professional journey, she consistently demonstrated value within Customer Service Delivery leadership roles at various international and local organisations. However she became increasingly discouraged by the bureaucratic red tape that often prevented her from being truly effective and efficient in her cause.

Driven by her ambition to make a difference in this world and fulfil her dream of helping others to do the same, today Meike prides herself on offering transformative solutions to businesses in need. Her approach as a customer experience specialist is grounded in the core belief that truly understanding your Customers and stepping away from using assumptions leads to better Customer experiences and loyalty. Through her undeniable commitment to keep things simple and easy to understand, she efficiently and effectively empowers organisations to delight their Customers and thrive in an ever-changing market. 

Meet the Team

We are respectful, friendly and easy to talk to. In us, you’ll have a friend for life!

Meike Wise, Founder & Customer Experience Specialist

Lover of the ocean, the sun, palm trees and anything turquoise. Proud Australian with typical Dutch traits. Puts up with being consistently called ‘Mike’ as is thrilled to live here in warm SA and will take every opportunity to soak up the sun.

Our values

Our philosophy revolves around empowering you to create a meaningful and positive impact in the world, hand in hand. Together, we will create lasting change.


When connecting with other people, we treat them with kindness to help build a kinder world. We encourage you to do the same.


When teaching you things, we keep things clear and simple, so it is easier to learn and remember.


When working with others, we are honest, transparent and have no hidden agenda, so we can build mutual trusted relationships.

Make a Difference

We are inspired to make an impact every day to help create the positive chance we want to see in the world.


When we engage with you, we respect you for who you are as we embrace a culture of warmth and belonging.


We are committed to delivering high-value solutions that benefit not only you, but also your community.

Are you ready to become your Customer’s Favourite?

We know that bringing in something new can be intimidating. We will make it simple and fun!