6 Ways to embed new ways of working into your organisation
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COVID has forced many organisations to reimagine the way they work and operate, but how can you make sure your changes are embedded and approached as an ongoing process for continuous improvement?

Make sure all employees understand why changes are being made.

Foster relationships with your team, engage them with a clear purpose and give them an opportunity to provide input.

Lead by example.

As a leader you (un)consciously influence the behaviour of your teams. It is crucial you actively demonstrate the change you are trying to embed and display the desired mindset and behaviour yourself.

Have a communication strategy for keeping your teams and customers in the loop.

How will you communicate the key messages of the change project to your target audience?  Consistent, clear and inspiring communication helps your people feel more comfortable, aware and engaged in the process.

Create clear accountability.

Clarify accountability not only for the change program itself, but for all activities thereafter as well. Accountability promotes engagement and ownership as everyone knows what is expected of them and what their responsibilities are.

Ensure your people are enabled to adapt to these new changes.

Do they need training or change in mindset or behaviour? What documentation and tools require updating? Plan for how you will tackle this, but keep it simple and action in a timely manner.

Implement a follow up process.

Establish measurements to understand whether the changes have had the desired effect and check in on a regular basis. Is there reinforcement needed or an adjustment required? Do it as soon as possible to keep the momentum going.

To effectively embed the desired changes, make sure you think ahead and stick to the plan you set out for you and your teams. We’d love to hear from you, and find out how we can help embed new ways of working into your organisation.